How do I order?
All orders are to be placed over the phone or through email. To set up your account, give us a call at 541-267-4331 or email sales@jgstools.com


**International customers please email your requests**


Where can I find what reamers you have in stock?

You'll have to give us a call or email for stock status, unfortunately we are unable to keep up-to-date inventory online at this time. We try to keep the most popular calibers on the shelf.


What is your lead time?

Lead times vary depending on industry demand. For the most up to date information, please give us a call.


Can I pay more to have my order expedited?

Expediting is considered on a case-by-case basis and will result in a 50% markup on the price of the order. Call to check availability.


Do your tools have live pilot/removable bushing?

With the exception of core drills, which can be made with a solid or live pilot, all of our tools are live pilot. We offer smooth or oil grooved bushings, both individually and in sets.


Will your bushings interchange with other manufacturer's tools?

Our standard bushings will interchange with most tools available on the market. All of our bushings are .500” in length. Oil grooved bushings will require tools with a smaller journal size than tools made for smooth bushings.


Are your bushings held on with a screw or a clip?

High speed steel tools larger than 20 cal are threaded on the end and use a screw to hold the bushing on. Carbide tools and high speed steel tools in 17 to 20 cal use a clip to secure the bushing on the tool.


I have an idea for a wildcat, where do I start?

First step is to decide which bullet/brass combination you intend to use. The most accurate way for us to help with a new project is for you to send us a dummy round with your bullet seated in it's optimal position (no powder or primer please!) We can then measure your sample and draw a chamber print to match. *Sample rounds are mainly used to determine your freebore and neck dimensions. Shoulder improvements are not needed on the sample, these adjustments can be made on the print as requested.


I have technical questions about designing my reamer, who can I talk to? Our sales staff is trained to handle a variety of general questions. For more complex questions, our inspector is available for technical assistance by phone, Monday through Thursday 11:30am-2pm PST.


Can you tell me what freebore will work best with my grain of bullet?

We cannot pick the freebore length for you. We can look at standards and help you make a guess on where it will work best for you. The best/most accurate option is to send a sample round for us to measure.


*See video from Right Rifles for determining the datum measurement from bolt face, to provide us, if you want to measure your own samples.* Talking with Terry the Gunsmith (Episode 2 Choosing a Reamer) - YouTube



What if I want to use more than one grain of bullet?

You can send 2 or 3 samples. We will measure them and work with you to find the best dimensions to fit your specifications.


I know I don't want to turn necks, how do I know if my print has a no turn neck?

Most SAAMI and CIP prints are no-turn necks. To check on a JGS print, check the Groove size(or bullet diameter) in comparison to box H, the average is .030/.034 over bullet diameter (.015/.017 per side) for a no-turn neck.


What do I need to ask my gunsmith before placing my order?

Will you need oil flow through the reamer? Choose from a standard smooth or oil grooved bushing. To maintain journal size and increase oil flow on steel tools the head of the screw that holds the bushing on can be slotted.


- Will you need headspace gauges? Go and No Go or just the Go gauge?

- What material should the reamer be made of, high speed steel or carbide?


The average person will use a steel reamer, carbide reamers are generally used for large production runs.


Do you make resizing dies?

We do not make the dies themselves. We do make resize reamers that can be used to make dies. Consult a gunsmith for recommendations on resize dimensions. JGS “standard” resizers are -.004” on the body and -.012” on the neck.


My friend said I can use their print, what do I need to do?

All custom prints are considered proprietary until we have a documented release to an individual or to the public. Please have the owner of the print email sales@jgstools.com with permission to share, the name of the print, and if they would like to release it only to a specific person, or to the public. If you do not know the owner of the print, please contact us and we can contact the designer on your behalf.


What's the process to have my tools resharpened?

Send your tools in to us, include your contact information. Any specifications you'd like changed, or if you want to resharpen to the same print should also be included in your note. Lead time for resharps is the same as new tools.


Resharpening of a JGS tool costs 65% of the cost of a new tool

Resharpening of a tool from another manufacturer costs 80% of the cost of a new tool

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